Project L1V3 was the first livestream event I ever did completely by myself. When it became clear that we couldn't show our final video, which had been planned for a long time, at the closing itself, we had to think of something. Project L1V3 was born. In order to entertain the audience for more than 3 hours, we had to come up with quite a lot. So there were new shows, interviews with the crew, and also tributes to the teachers who normally would have been on site. To give a clear line for the spectators, we had a moderation. This was recorded in advance and then edited into the video. Afterwards, the whole project was streamed. There was an interactive live chat, which was moderated by us. The "knowledge query" was particularly popular, which was also due to the way it was edited. It is easy to understand which question the candidate is struggling with, and the slightly humorous editing emphasizes the whole concept. To make the stream more appealing, we came up with a one-hour countdown. The music for this was taken from a set that DJ VINC had recorded especially for this event. The soundtrack is still heard today and is the anthem of graduation for some.
It was important to us that the project should be emotional, but not a funeral service or the kind. Therefore, it was important that humorous and new, exciting content was represented. The highlight of the evening was the final video, followed by the outtakes and a few closing words. The outtakes were deliberately shown afterwards to lighten the mood a bit.
When the project was announced, among other things with various explanatory videos, there were doubts about whether a handful of students would really be able to provide a Friday evening for 3 hours with entertainment. But even now, almost a year after the event, old classmates or teachers keep coming back and telling us that they watch the video again and again. And we as a crew also keep getting together to watch the project again. Because this project will probably remain in our memories forever.
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