Hey, My name is Nils Otte I am 21 years old and was born near Münster, Germany. Movies and video productions have interested me since I was a little boy, which was also noticeable in my school career. I was constantly doing video projects, filming my graduation trip or turning a school group project into a film project lasting several weeks. This passion lasted until today, meanwhile, I study in Bochum in the field of film and television. 
I was particularly fascinated by video editing. In editing, you finally create the big picture from simple video snippets. And depending on how you approach and edit the whole project, the video can be developed in an individual direction.
I love it, again and again, to let an idea in my head, a simple thought, become a big and complex project.  I create films to create memories, to take the viewer out of everyday life for a short moment. 
I pay attention to every idea, every creative thought, whether more serious and serious topics or rather funny and casual. Therefore, I have also already gained experience in many areas. I am happy about every project and create an individual and unique memory.
Even though I am mainly into editing, I am always interested in taking on other tasks on projects as well. In many projects, I already took over the overall responsibility and additional tasks such as camera or direction.
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