This project was created in the context of my Abitur. The idea for this project has developed over the course of 3 years. The point of this video is not to reduce the former students only to pictures, as is often the case, but to define them by other characteristics. Each student should ask themselves the question, how do you define yourself, what makes you special? Many found this not so easy, as they first had to deal with themselves and this question. 
In addition, there were events that occupied the whole level, such as a missing graduation ball or an empty graduation fund as a result of Corona. Lastly, we added news from around the world, things that may have been forgotten because an even bigger news story had overshadowed them again. The video gets more and more hectic as it progresses. This finally comes to a head in the emotional climax, which deals especially with the subject of Corona. The reason for this approach was that we wanted to draw special attention to the fact that the students were also very aware of this time, and also for us that was the time, hectic, exhausting, and emotional. The end is deliberately open to represent that the common time in school ended and now everyone goes his own way. 
The effort of this project was demanding and long. It was shot in my former school, the crew consisted of friends and classmates. We had 8 shooting days, per shooting day we had 4 hours at our disposal. The set-up and dismantling also had to be done within this time. Everyone had their own special task, everything was organized with the help of external programs such as Meistertask or Etherpad. The costume was also self-made and consists of normal pants, black sports shoes, a black graduation sweater, a pair of water ski gloves, and a motorcycle helmet. This was prepared so that LED glasses, which were also modified, were attached to the visor of the helmet. The goggles were connected to a smartphone so that real-time changes were possible. The idea behind it was that we didn't want the person who was going to do this time travel to have a face. Because none of us were professional actors, and facial expressions should not distract from the actual action. However, a completely masked being would look creepy and inhuman, the viewer would not be able to build a bond. Therefore, we decided to use LED eyes. Through the eyes, interaction with the action was possible, and yet the actor was replaceable because he was not recognized.
The video was the main part of the livestream project "PROJECT L1V3".
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